Since 2017, every new follower on my Conscious Crypto Museletter mailing list has received a free introductory email course to learn about the purpose of Bitcoin and how this new digital money can change the world.

Especially women want more educational resources on Bitcoin before they invest and risk their money. So this won’t change in the foreseeable future.

What I have added now, though, is the option to get all the information at once in both Ebook and Audio format.

Introducing the multi-media Introduction bundle

I realised that while some people prefer to consume this new information in small bits over the course of a week, others would rather go through it all at once. And many, many people love to consume information in audio format while they are jogging or cooking dinner.

So that’s why I created this little multi-media starter kit, which you will receive as an instant download when joining the Stakers tier of my Patreon group.

Most people have no idea just how much money is being printed at the moment and what this means for our financial system and our economy.But I’m noticing more and more people – who never had any interest in Bitcoin before – beginning to wake up to the purpose of Bitcoin and the possibilities of this new kind of money. To me, this is the strongest indicator of progress and accelerated adoption, and also the indicator for the next bull market. I want everyone to have a way to consume this new information easily so they can share their knowledge with their friends and families, too.

Here is what you’ll get when you join my Patreon group:

Patreon group for crypto beginners

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This introductory course on Bitcoin will give you a solid base to start from

You will understand the purpose of Bitcoin and be able to make an informed decision on wether you want to get involved by investing or in other ways.

With your membership you’ll also receive lots of other classes, tutorials and guides that help you not only to keep your coins safe, but also multiply them through passive income from earning interest on your crypto assets.