Hi, I'm Anja

This is my "official" photo.

But really, most of the time I sit at my laptop and look like this:

And this is me when nobody is watching

I have two main passions: 

  1. Creating happier employees - by equipping team leaders with the right skills and tools to create more meaningful relationships with their staff. Happiness creates success (not the other way round) and it has a direct impact on your bottom line. 
  2. Creating a better world by spreading the news about a better money system and helping people understand it: Bitcoin. This is what most of this website is about. 

I’m a C/S on the DiSC personality type model, which makes me a thinker & analyser (C) who is good with money, numbers and data, as well as an empathic communicator, counsellor and patient teacher (S). 

I'm a 5 on the Ennegram, which means I'm a non-judgemental observer, mediator and truth-seeker.

I could spend my whole life in deep conversation - whether it's coaching or teaching someone, interviewing someone, learning from someone or simply philosophising about the future. Preferably always with a cup of excellent coffee.  

"Anja is honest and also cares for female beginners, which is rare in this male dominant crypto space. She will select the most valuable information from the noise for you."

Anonymous, Global Nomad

Money has always been one of my favourite subjects

  • When I was 5 years old I divided my pocket money over several little jars for different purposes, as well as long term savings ? 
  • In one of my first jobs as a Travel Agent, I helped my customers put together round-the-world trips for the particular budget they had available
  • As an Operations Manager in the corporate fashion world I produced Profit & Loss analyses and analysed reports on millions of Dollars 
  • This first physical product of mine also taught me a LOT about cost-efficiency in my own business
  • As an Online Business Manager for spiritual teachers, I handled all the sales and returns, as well as the commission reports and affiliate payments 
  • As a Self-Employed Coach, I ran courses on money mindset & people management, and I still often help solopreneurs manage their money and getting their numbers in order for the tax accountant. Yes, I’m in love with spreadsheets, too! 
  • In 2003 I bought a house and sold it with a nice profit 10 years later
  • For those who are into manifesting money I also created this Receiving Meditation

Belinda Davidson

Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Mentor & Founder of the School of the Modern Mystic

"How do I even begin to tell you about how amazing Anja is! Within months of her working for me my business became six-figured, and she helped me found an online school, which within two years only has accepted almost 1000 students and has become world-renowned.

She is not only a marketing and business expert, she is also the BEST customer care person I know. She is also deeply spiritual, caring and reliable, and I trust her with my life. Seriously."

Coming full circle

When I enrolled in a Trading and Investing Course a few years ago, my family and friends said, “Yes! This is so you! You’re gonna be really good at that!”  Some even wanted to send me large sums to invest for them, because they trusted me so much. 

I wasn't very good at it, though. I learned so many upsetting things about how our money system works; and trading assets in that environment - participating in that system - simply didn't agree with me. 

That all changed when I discovered Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Every cell in my body resonated with this new financial and technological paradigm. Investing felt good, and the occasional trades were fun! 

And when I started sharing this and began teaching others how to get started with cryptocurrencies, how to stay safe, how to manage and keep track of their portfolio, I really felt like things had come full circle and I am now finally doing what I was always meant to do.

I love numbers and people, and I can’t imagine anything better than getting to work with both at the same time!

In this short interview I tell a little more about how my story into Cryptoland began and why I decided to teach this to others:

"I attended a great presentation by Anja where she thoroughly and concisely covered a lot of the basics about crypto and blockchain technology. Her presentation style was approachable, and her enthusiasm for blockchain is infectious." 

Joshua du Chene, Composer, Sound Designer, Blockchain Enthusiast

What is holding you back from taking your first steps? 

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