Hello crypto explorer!

Are your valuables safe? 

Learn how to increase your digital privacy as you travel into Cryptoland

(Without having to become a Cyber Security Expert)

Just like you review the visa and vaccination requirements before you visit a new country, there are a few things to be aware of before you hop on that plane crypto rocket to the moon.

Ebook Bitcoin Safe Crypto Space

How To Stay Safe In the Crypto Space is a compact travel guide that should not be missing in your virtual backpack. It contains everything you need to know to increase your digital safety quickly and easily.

Take a few minutes to read it and a few more to implement the practical tips.

​Once you're done, you won't feel like a beginner anymore!

Voices From The Crypto Community

Aaron Bitcoin Safe Crypto Space

Aaron Wagener

 COO mxc.org

How To Stay Safe In The Crypto Space is an absolute must for anyone looking to get started in Crypto!

Christine Bitcoin Safe Crypto Space

Christine Mohan

Co-Founder civil.co

This should be required reading for new crypto investors of all ages.

Randy Bitcoin Safe Crypto Space

Randy Hilarski


This guide is bad ass! ;)

Detlev Bitcoin Safe Crypto Space

Detlev Artelt

Author, Consultant, Speaker

The new crypto world comes with new risks. Anja shows you how to reduce them substantially.

About the Author

Whenever I talk with people about cryptocurrencies, inevitably at some point they ask me, "So, how do I actually buy Bitcoins?" But nobody ever asks me, "How do I store them safely?"

It’s a question we never had to ask ourselves before. For as long as we can remember, our money was either in our wallets, or in the bank. Now that we're entering the new world of blockchain and "crypto" we're moving in a completely different territory, with different rules and different responsibilities. 

It’s important to be aware of those rules to become confident in navigating this new space. It's also important to learn about the risks and minimize them as much as possible - from better passwords for your online accounts to managing private keys for your crypto coins. Nothing less than the safety of your money and your personal data is at stake. 

How to store Bitcoin safely

Anja Schuetz | @connecteconomy
Cryptocurrency Mentor For First Time Investors

Anja How to stay safe in the Crypto Space

What You'll Get

A compact and easily readable guide
that will make you stop feeling like a beginner in no time.

Actionable instructions and a check list that will enable you to increase your digital safety in a matter of minutes.

Access to all future updates

This guide will evolve. You will always have access to latest version.

  • 1
    Get prepared for your new adventure and avoid beginner's mistakes. The crypto space works differently from what you're used to. "When you know better, you do better." You wouldn't believe how many people have stories of lost coins to tell!
  • 2
    This guide keeps things short and sweet. No story telling, no nerd-words, only very precise answers to the question, "OK, so what do I have to do in order not to lose my money in the crypto space?" 
  • 3
    Exploring the crypto space is a personal growth process. You don't need to implement everything at once. Start with the very basics and add more as you grow more confident.

What Readers Are Saying...

Rachel which Bitcoin wallet is Safe

Thank you for making this important next step in all our (financial) lives easier, Anja!

I love this book! It’s a brilliant starting point for anyone curious to get started with cryptocurrencies with ease and without pressure, and includes so many good tips for navigating Cryptoworld and the internet in general, safely. Plus, it’s written by someone who started off with just as many doubts as the rest of us, and has spent the last years immersing herself in Cryptoworld to find out the truth and share it!

Rachel Uwa, Founder of School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe - schoolofma.org

Terese where to keep Bitcoin Safe

Wow... I learned so much from this ebook!

I got the book in hopes of learning more about cryptocurrency, but I learned a LOT more!  I had no idea the steps to take to ensure your investment in cryptocurrencies are safe, so I'm so glad I read the book before I invested my money. 

This easy-read book also made me realize just how at risk I am, (and most people) are by using non-secure email servers and passwords. Anja has all the information you'll need to improve your sense of security for how to manage all of your online interactions, and crypto investments safely and securely.

Thank you Anja for writing such an informative and important book!

Terese Guettler, Wise Women Wellness Coaching - coachterese.com

Carsten is Bitcoin Safe from hackers

Many Thanks, Anja!

As a complete beginner to the field of crypto Anja’s book and tutoring have given me what I was looking for: get to the point right away. Get the essentials of the topic as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Carsten Willert, Coach - homeofcoaching.de

Aggie what is a safe Bitcoin wallet

I realized I neglected the aspect of security

Anja’s book is a wealth of information and practical tips that all crypto investors simply must know. I’m a beginner investor in cryptocurrency, and thanks to this book, I have realized that I have neglected the aspect of security. As Anja says - the crypto world is not what we are used to and we must know what precautions to take before we get involved. 

I’ve already started implementing recommended tools, particularly on email, password, and exchange security. Thank you, Anja!

Agnieszka Wojciechowska, Financial Controller

Majella how to keep Bitcoin safe

I wish Anja had been around when I first started out - I wouldn't have made so many expensive mistakes!

I recommend Anja to absolutely anyone who is interested in crypto. Her commonsense advice helps prevent painful and possibly costly mistakes. 

Majella Horan, Writer - majella.mystrikingly.com 

Britta Bitcoin Safe Crypto Space

Mit Schritt für Schritt Anleitung zum Erfolg

Erste Schritte im Crypto Business gelingen durch Anja‘s e-Book How to stay safe in Crypto Space wahrlich leicht und sicher. Mit der Schritt für Schritt Anleitung wird nicht nur die erste Geldanlage zum Erfolg. Gerade der Sicherheitsaspekt macht den Unterschied!

Britta Wein, Mindful Marketing - brittawein.com

Start Today! 

Feel more more confident about your digital security in a matter of minutes!

Crypto safety security for beginners


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