1. EARN FREE CRYPTO without any financial investment

Brave Browser

EARN free Crypto while browsing the web

Brave gives you an ad-free experience by default. However, if you choose to allow ads in your feed, Brave will share its ad revenue with you. That means you can earn BAT tokens (Basic Attention Tokens) - the native currency of the Brave Browser.

If you are a content publisher with your own website or youtube channel, you can even allow your fans to support you straight through this browser - similar to Patreon but without an extra login. All they have to do is use the Brave browser as well, and add your url's to their favorites.

The Brave browser already has more than 4 million active users per month!! This is a huge potential for you to begin earning rewards as a content publisher. So if you have a website, blog or youtube channel and you dream of passive income, look into this. It's free, and I believe you will get a few BAT tokens as a welcome gift with this link.

I would love it if you added my channel to your list of supported sites :)


Earn free crypto by listening to the radio

Bitradio is a community driven webradio website that lets you choose from more than 30,000 radio stations. You get Bitradiocoins while listening, and you can earn more by "staking" your BRO coins. They also have an app for your phone. 

It's completely free to sign up


Earn free crypto for your content 

The Steem Ecosystem is the first decentralised and censorship-free social media community that rewards content creators financially.

Sign up on Steemit.com and then choose some of the many platforms or apps to share your content and engage with the community - whether it is d.tube, the Partiko app, steempeak.com or many others. 

There is a steep learning curve for crypto newbies, and while you will never have to invest your own money in Steem, I highly recommend you get my Beginner's Guide on the right, to make your first steps easier and a lot faster.

Beginner's Guide


Earn free crypto for "googling" 

Presearch is an open, decentralized search engine that rewards community members with Presearch Tokens.

"In a world where one company controls 77% of all searches, influencing trillions of dollars in spending, shaping perceptions and effectively acting as the primary gatekeeper to the Internet, a new, open and community-driven search engine is a necessity."

Set Presearch as your homepage and enter your keywords there, instead of in Google, when you're searching for something. Earn crypto for up to 8 searches a day. It's free!


Earn free crypto for answering short surveys

Marketers need to survey people, but people don't like to answer surveys - unless they get paid for it. 

On Earn.com you can add yourself to many lists (browse through them and see which demographic you belong to). If a marketer sends an email to the lists you belong to, you can choose to answer (and earn between $1-5 in Bitcoin) or decline. 

It's free to sign up, and you're never obligated to respond. But if you do, you earn!


Earn free crypto simply for walking

This app counts all the steps you take outside, and pays you Sweatcoins for it. All the walking you do at home - inside your apartment - doesn't count. The Sweatcoin team wants you to get out and get active, and healthy. 

At this moment, Sweatcoins are not a real cryptocurrency yet, but you can begin accumulating them, and redeem them for discounts. Or you just collect them until the day when you can cash out. By then, you might be happy that you started today

It's free to earn up to 5 Sweatcoins per day (for 10,000 steps). You can invest some of your earn Sweatcoins to upgrade your earning potential, if you consistently walk more per day.


Earn free crypto for your music

Are you a musician? Upload your music to the $Music blockchain and allow your fans to support you directly through tips, without a middleman who takes a large cut. 

Musicoin is free to sign up and listen to, and has no ads!


Earn free crypto for blogging

Publish0x wants to become the crypto version of Medium.com. At this moment you can earn Bounty tokens, but in the future you might earn the cryptocurrency of your choice here. Other registered members can tip you via a slider for your posts. 

Check it out and sign up here.


Earn free crypto for guessing asset prices

Actually this app is for trading analysts to make forecasts. Every day, they can answer yes/no questions like, "Will the price of Bitcoin be higher than x by date x?" I am not an analyst, but I'm participating and I'm right more than half of the time and in top 1,000 analysts :) All I do is guess, without thinking too much. Once a month I receive Cindicator tokens (CND) as a reward for my right answers.

I believe these tokens will be worth a lot one day, so I'm not looking at their low value right now (which wouldn't be worth the time investment). But their future value is definitely worth it. So if you're also quite intuitive (or an actual market analyst), and you want to accumulate CND tokens - just download the Cindicator app from the App store or here


Earn free crypto for mini tasks

Bounty0x is a global platform that enables blockchain start-ups to post small tasks and reward anyone who completes them with their coins or tokens. 

Mostly, these tasks belong to marketing campaigns and include activities such as joining a telegram group, liking a post or their page on Facebook or following them on Twitter. Higher amounts can often be earned for writing an article or making a video about the start-up. Sign up for free here. 

2. EARN CRYPTO after financial investment


Get a $10 Bonus in Bitcoin for your first investment

Emberfund is one of my favorite apps in the crypto space. It allows you to invest in the hedge funds of crypto trading experts. The minimum is only $100 (however the full benefits are only unlocked as of $300). Whenever the hedge fund manager rebalances the portfolio, you get an alert and can rebalance yours with the click of a button. 

After you made your first investment, you will receive $10 worth of Bitcoin as a welcome gift, if you download the app through this link.

The Sun Exchange

Earn rental income from solar cells in Africa

With The Sun Exchange you invest in solar cells, which will be installed and leased to wild life reserves, schools or villages in Africa. In return you will receive monthly rental income for the duration of the lease - 10 or 20 years.

It’s like donating to a good cause, only that your donation will earn you money over the years.

You don’t need to be rich to invest. You can invest in 2 solar cells, or in 200. Your rental income will get paid out in Bitcoin. If you believe that the Bitcoin price will keep rising - you may have earned your investment back in no time. 

Learn about Bitcoin in non-techy & non-bankish language

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* Please note: Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I might get a tiny bonus if you decide to register for any of the apps or services above. You won't have any disadvantage, on the contrary, in most cases you will receive a welcome gift in the form of tokens, that you otherwise wouldn't receive, if you used a regular link, instead of my invite link.