Audio Book: What is Bitcoin and Why should I care?

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Since 2017, every new follower on my Conscious Crypto Museletter mailing list has received a free introductory email course to learn about the purpose of Bitcoin and how this new digital money can change the world. Especially women want more educational resources on Bitcoin before they invest and risk their money. So this won’t change […]

Email Security Mistakes and How to avoid them in Cryptoland

avoiding mistakes in crypto

One of the biggest mistakes people make is having only one email address and using it for everything they sign up online.  While this is very convenient, it’s also very dangerous: if this email address gets compromised, many of your online accounts are in danger of being compromised as well.  Just for fun, enter your […]

Should you invest in crypto?

Does Robert Kiyosaki – author of the famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad – invest in crypto? I was curious and googled a bit last week. This is what I found out: Robert Kiyosaki distinguishes three different categories when it comes to money: Gold (and Silver) is God’s money, he says. Because it was here before […]

Small Budget Investment: What to do with only $100?

Small budget investments are not very different from large investments. Because to someone who only has $100 to invest, that is a large amount, isn’t it?  *** “If someone had only $100 to invest, what would you recommend they do?”That’s what I was asked in an interview a few weeks ago and in this short […]

The four stages of Bitcoin competence (and one fork)


When it comes to learning something new we all go through 4 stages of competence. It doesn’t matter if it’s learning how to play the piano, or switching from PC to Mac, or figuring out how the crypto world works. The 4 stages always apply: 1. Unconscious Incompetence — We don’t know what we don’t know This is […]