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Why am I launching this community?

We are currently witnessing the “dismantling of systems” in our world. Our financial system is just one of them. While crypto investing is still considered a risk, it is my belief that leaving your money 100% in fiat is just as risky right now, if not more.

Investing in cryptocurrencies gives you access to a new system that might replace our current one in the future. Learning how to navigate the crypto space stress-free now, may be a wise decision before it becomes urgent in the future. 

I want you to have a trusted, knowledgable, supportive and independent resource that talks about crypto in a language you can understand. I want you to have a point of contact that you can turn to for help, as you explore the crypto space at your own pace.

The trouble with “decentralisation” is that there is no “central” point of information. No “helpdesk”. With this Patreon community, I want to change that and provide a crypto resource that is affordable for most people. This way you can get a year’s worth of content for the same price as a 1:1 session.

Why am I teaching (wo)men about this new money?

Investing and managing your money well is an essential part of financial and economic freedom. While the majority of my followers and clients are women, I want every person to be in a financial position to say No to the things they’re not meant to do. Whether that is the freedom to quit their job and pursue their creative ideas, or the freedom to leave an abusive relationship.

Nobody should be forced to stay in situations that threaten their physical, emotional or spiritual well-being, just because they cannot afford to make a change. This is the single most important reason for myself to make more money and grow my wealth, and it is also how I want to contribute to the lives of everyone I work with.

How exactly does Patreon work?

Patreon is a platform that allows content creators to connect with their followers through monthly subscriptions. The content can be categorized in different membership tiers that give the subscribers just the access they want, and for however long they choose. Also, the subscribers can “drive” the content by submitting questions and suggestions – at least that is how I am going to do things. 

Unlike in Facebook groups, only the creator (me in this case) can create new posts. Every subscriber can, however, comment on the posts. This keeps everything structured and prevents overwhelm. 

Below is some feedback on the Receiving Meditation new subscribers receive the moment they join:

Costs and access

I have created two membership tiers, the Movers and the Stakers tier, which you can view here

You can start with the lower tier and upgrade anytime. You can also unsubscribe anytime, of course.

Note: This is NOT an online course.

This is an ongoing conversation. The content will be posted in a non-linear fashion, based on the questions I receive and based on what I intuitively feel is important to know for my subscribers right now. You do NOT need to read or watch every single piece of content. You do NOT need to feel like you have to catch up. Jump in any time you want or need to – browse through existing content to learn or find answers, or comment and ask questions to help drive future content that is useful to you. 

I would love to welcome you in the Patreon community! Contact me, if you have any questions.