Limited Sessions At The Moment

Due to a consulting project I only have limited time slots available at the moment. I am very sorry if I cannot accommodate your time zone. 

Create a Plan B for your financial future by leveraging the power of Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies 

"Thank you so much for today, Anja.
I'm so grateful.

Can't imagine learning crypto from anyone else!"

[From a member of the Conscious Crypto Community]

Plan B Clarity Session - €111 (~$125)

Is Bitcoin still a mystery to you? Do you need more general clarity to determine whether this could be an alternative way to plan for your pension, or do you have some specific questions?  

This information session is for you, if you want to...

  • Learn about cryptocurrencies in non-techy and non-bankish language
  • Understand why they are an important alternative to your current savings & pension plans
  • Get practical tips on how to buy and store digital coins
  • Get answers and discuss any of your doubts and concerns

"I am very grateful that you explained Crypto to me in this easy language because otherwise I wouldn't have started learning about it."

[From a member of the Conscious Crypto Patreon Community]

Plan B Implementation - €444 (~$497)

This hands-on training package is for you if you're ready to invest in cryptocurrencies and want some professional guidance on how to do this effectively and safely. We will meet twice, and at the end of the two sessions, you will:

  • Own your first crypto coins
  • Know how to use an exchange
  • Have a brand new wallet installed
  • Be able & confident to repeat this process yourself anytime in the future
  • Know how to keep your coins safe

"Anja will help you fast track your journey within crypto and make it an enjoyable, fun and easy experience."

Mary Toolan lives in the UK and coaches singer songwriters.
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The Conscious Crypto Movers & Stakers Club on Patreon
(€7.77 or €11.11 per month)

This group is your one-stop resource for all your crypto beginner's questions.
Depending on which tier you join, you will receive lots of instant benefits, which you can keep, even if you unsubscribe after a month again:

  • [Instant download] Ebook: How To Stay Safe In The Crypto Space
  • [Instant download] Audio: Receiving Meditation
  • Learn how to buy and store your crypto safely and easily
  • Learn how to spot scams and protect yourself
  • Submit Questions for Q&A's
  • Learn which coins I hold and why
  • Learn how to create a passive income from your crypto holdings

Wallet Installation Workshops

I regularly give workshops (online and offline) to help beginners set up their first crypto wallet and learn how to keep their coins safe. 

In this fun and practical workshop you will learn: 

  • How to set up a non-custodial wallet on your phone
  • What to pay attention to when sending and receiving cryptocurrency
  • What public addresses, private keys and recovery seeds are
  • How to back up your wallet and be your own helpdesk, should you ever lose access to your funds

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