1:1 Crypto Consulting

This is where you can book or inquire about 1:1 sessions.

What are these session about? 

You will learn all the important basics you need to understand before you embark on the journey of becoming a cryptocurrency investor.

Bring all your questions to our session, so we can make it as productive and useful as possible.

At the end of our session, you will…

  • Understand the difference between exchanges and wallets and why you need them
  • Be aware of potential risks 
  • Have your first wallet and know what to pay attention to – this will prepare you for any other wallets in the future
  • Have a tool to keep track of the status of your future investments
  • Receive a PDF with links and explanations about all the most important exchanges and wallets
  • Be able to navigate your first steps into Cryptoland safely and with confidence

The fee per session is €107.10

Most beginners need two sessions – the first to get started and decide which exchanges to sign up to, and the second to answer lots of follow up questions that only arise once you actually got started, and maybe also to do your first purchase together via shared screens.

Please note I do not give financial advice, but technical advise.

You decide if and how much you want to invest in which coins – I am just showing you the How-to.

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If you are ready to book a consultation, you can view my availability below and schedule your session directly. You will also receive the payment information during that process.

If you have questions before you booking, please scroll down to the contact form.

Do you have questions before booking?

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