Steemit is a social media platform that provides economic empowerment to content creators from all walks of life, all around the world.

It's censorship-free, risk-free and FREE TO JOIN

Share your photos, opinions, art, recipes, videos or poetry and begin earning today!

I have been on Steemit since April 2017. 

Have a look at my blog and my wallet at I wrote this Beginners Guide to save you time and give you a quick and effortless start.  

Steemit is absolutely risk-free.

Take the short cut! 

From your very first post to learning how to cash out your rewards:

 This Ebook is your fast track to Steemit success!

This thorough 50-page EGuide shows you how to start earning TODAY.  

You will receive tips & tricks on how to get started as well as how to maximize your earning potential, and lots of ideas on what to publish. 

Signing up to Steemit is free and you will never be required to invest any of your own money. 

Begin Learning & Earning Now!

The Steem blockchain is the easiest and safest way to participate in the new world of cryptocurrencies

This Steemit ebook is amazing!

I am only halfway through is but I know I will be able to make the money back in no time. The ebook is written in very easy and understandable terms. Easy to read with links to more valuable content and info. The ebook is going to save me so much time in research about Steemit. Highly recommended! 

Thank you, Anja!



Hi Anja, I finally finished your Beginner's Guide to Steemit and I love it!

The information is easy to understand, with plenty of explanations and examples. In particular, I love the videos. I am very visual and love to learn with variety of resources besides just reading. 

To me, the book itself is well laid out and organized in very simple manner and step by step. Videos shared are fantastic! Today I submitted my registration.


Software Engineer

...I also wanted to say how much I loved your 'Beginners guide to Steemit'. 

I just read through it all today for the second time. It's so well laid out, easy to read, easy to understand and put together extremely well.

So thank you for that.



You're not only joining a social media platform, but a global community of freedom loving people.

You're not only joining the website, but
a whole ecosystem of apps that reward you for your specific talents.

Ready to Learn and Earn?

Table of Contents

Important Note:

Even though you won't invest your own money, you still need to approach this with an investor's mindset.

You have to earn the money on Steemit - through quality content, engagement and the energy you bring to it. Unless your content is so amazing that it will "sell itself" you will most likely invest time and energy in order to succeed. But that is actually the fun part - if you embrace it. 

  • None of the suggestions in this Ebook are "get rich quick" solutions 
  • There are no guarantees
  • The cryptocurrency Steem is just as volatile as Bitcoin

You will be able to cash out most of your rewards immediately, though. I'll teach you how in the book.

Ready to Learn and Earn?

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