Why do some people seem to get the best positions before you even knew they were available

... And why do others keep finding themselves in yet another unsatisfying, energy-draining job?

Most people unconsciously

take the Reactive Way to finding a job.

​They browse job ads and hope they'll find something from what's available out there. And once they've got the job, they'll see what kind of life they can afford from it now. They have it all backwards.

​You can now

become one of the smart people,

who choose the Creative Way

to design your career.

​Whether it is a better job, or your own business.
Victims hope. Owners create.

Hi, I'm Anja.

I used to be a victim.

For years I wondered why other people got the jobs that I wanted. Until I learned about the Owner-Victim distinction and the reactive and the creative way of planning our careers (and living our lives).

I decided right then to take matters in my own hands and become an owner! Not only did that land me my dream job, but it also resulted in starting my own business soon afterwards.

Since then I have coached plenty of people through this process and towards more fulfilling careers.

With this Workbook, I want to give you a tool to take yourself through this process and find out what you really want and then take the necessary (and not at all difficult) steps to get it!

Get creative now!

​Creative does not mean "artistic" or even "unusual". It only means that

YOU create a career that supports the lifestyle YOU want.

YES, that is possible!

Filled with bite-sized, easily digestible facts and suggestions, as well as a 35-question self-inquiry, this Ebook will help you create clarity and focus, so you too can land your next position before it is advertised to the public!

It will help you shift from the backwards to the forwards approach in order to create an actual change. It will also enable you to avoid ending up in the same old jobs over and over again.​

I am also sharing a number of stories from my clients and myself, so that you can see that "regular people" like you and me really can make a course correction in our careers, even if we are - OMG! - already in our thirties :)

If you prefer

less reading and more instant impact,

then this book is for you.

You can read it in less than an hour. On your phone.

After all, what you really need is not to read yet another book! You want to finally figure out what you want, and have a meaningful job or business, that you actually enjoy going to every day. Right?

Then give yourself a few hours of undivided attention for yourself and take ownership of your career now!​

"No bullshit or Blah Blah. Straight to the point and pratical advise."

"Clarity is everything, and your book is clear, neat and very easy to follow. Loved it!"

Oana DEAC Former Operations Manager, now Artist in Bali

It’s time to stop wondering

when you will finally know

what you want to do with your life.

It’s time to stop hoping your perfect job will just magically appear.

It’s time to gain clarity on who you are and how you would love to make a difference in the world.

It’s time to get laser focused and start creating your career from the inside out.

You are ready.

It's time to Rewrite Your Career

This Ebook is a Selfcoaching-Tool split in three parts

  1. Learn:   How to take ownership of your career by moving from the Reactive Way to the Creative Way
  2. Workbook:   Design your career, guided by these 35 questions. Create an overall vision as well as a specific compass that you can use immediately.
  3. Time for Action:  Get to know easy strategies to take your vision into the world and create miracles, including "How to make small but powerful tweaks to your conversations, and recruit people's minds" for your career purposes :)

Get Your Copy Now!

NOW is the perfect time to bring your life back on track!
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"Exactly what I needed!"

"It's worth re-doing the workbook for clarity and new prospective once in a while, when you feel lost in your career or life. Highly recommend it!"


"This workbook is really fun! I love that it gets quickly to the point without missing any of the good stuff."

"It is just the right mixture of explanations, inspiring stories and practical questions and tips which got me into thinking/vision/action mode right away.


Oh and I added a bonus, too...

The Inner Rebel Inquiry

Discover your Inner Rebel, so you can anticipate if you will thrive in new environment, or if you will start rebelling against it sooner or later. This is huge! Just think about how often you noticed - 3 months into the job - that it's just the same one as your previous one - only at a different company?

This will not happen to you anymore after you completed this book!

Rewrite Your Career Now!

You can make it happen!
Get this Ebook for $14.95 now

"If you can fail at something you don't want, you might as well take a chance on doing what you love." Jim Carrey

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