3 years ago

Imagine it’s the early 80’s and someone tells you about “an internet” and “digital money”

That's what happened to author and Consciousness teacher Penny Kelly, my amazing guest in this interview. 

Penny had a Kundalini awakening almost 40 years ago and has been fully conscious since then.

As a result, she started to see and converse with beings from other dimensions, who told her some unbelievable things about the future. That the Berlin Wall would come down soon, for example. ("Yeah, right", she thought.) And that we would all be connected through "television screens" and have digital money one day. She didn't even know what a personal computer was, back then.

But when things started coming true one by one, she stopped thinking she was crazy, and she stopped trying to prove them wrong. She couldn't believe that "There is that money!!" when she first heard about Bitcoin.

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Penny. Turns out, our views about the future align very much, with the difference that she has seen it, and for me it's "just" intuition. 

I’ve never heard of her, but she is going to be my new favorite. And I’m really going to look into Bitcoin now… thanks for this!

This is just one of many similar responses I've received so far, which I am super grateful for.

This is all I want: to give you some context around the subject of cryptocurrencies, that has nothing to do with techy or nerdy language or even finances, and to inspire you to look into this more.

If you enjoy this, I'd love to see your "thumb's up" and comments on the youtube video, and if you have conscious friends who would enjoy watching this, I'd be delighted if you shared it with them. Thank you! 

Here are some of the things we discuss in our conversation:

  • Why both Penny and I initially bought Bitcoin (hint: *not* for trading and getting rich)
  • How the evolution of money contributes to a shift in power in the world
  • Why the world is moving from centralised systems (e.g. nation states, bureaucracy) to decentralisation and borderless money
  • How blockchain will remove many jobs, but bring loads of extra income opportunities
  • That cryptocurrencies are only a phase in the evolution of money and the phasing out of money (maybe as early as 2050?) 
  • How blockchain symbolises a shift in consciousness and a move from the old system of “profit for a few” to a new system of “wellbeing for all” 
  • In what years the most intense point of chaos and transformation will be reached 
  • Why our current money system may have disappeared by 2021

You can learn more about Penny through her books and countess other interviews on Youtube, as well as her website www.consciousnessonfire.com.  

Anja Schuetz

Anja Schuetz is a cryptocurrency investor, teacher and mentor who supports beginners in navigating the crypto space safely and confidently. She works mainly (but not exclusively) with conscious women entrepreneurs. Anja has endless patience for beginner's questions and a strong desire to enable you to become financially free, so you can do what you were put on this earth to do, without having to worry about money.