Operations (Online Biz) Manager & Customer Connection Consultant

I help small businesses to build their Know, Like and Trust-Factor by building strong relationships with their clients, suppliers, employees and their network. Great relationships have a direct influence on our bottom line.

I have set up Operations & Customer Service departments from scratch in the corporate fashion world as well as for small online businesses of spiritual teachers in recent years.

Besides a strong sense for efficiency and structure, I’ll also bring my customer whispering skills to our work, so you only create services & products that your customers actually want, and market them in a language they actually understand.

I can support you on a project basis just for the set up phase (and hire and train dedicated staff to take over from me) or simply assist you in a strategic advisory role as a coach/mentor so you have two minds & hearts focusing on the success of your business and your clients. 

Testimonial Hayhouse Author Rebecca Campbell

  • I am the most confidential person you will ever meet.
  • I am very responsive – you will never wonder if something has been done or if and when it will be done. If I notice I can’t deliver something at the promised time, you will know way in advance instead of having to chase me.
  • If I will deal with your customers, I will make sure that with every interaction they will fall even more in love with you and your business.
  • I bring all the cliché German values to this work (accuracy, honesty, reliability, high service quality, thorough testing of any ‘what if’ scenario, punctuality, etc.) PLUS a sense of humor, loads of compassion and a good dose of intuition. I will treat your business like it were my own. 
  • I under-promise and over-deliver. Not the other way round.
  • I will complete the project with all the work processes and tasks documented in a way that will help you (or me) to easily train your new (permanent) staff. 

People Management Coach 

I have been working with people and studying human interactions ever since I was 18. Over the years I have taken countless courses in Coaching, Communication, NLP, Recognition and Personality Types, and applied this knowledge as a manager, coach, customer service professional, as well as in my network of fellow entrepreneurs.

I gradually morphed into a mentor to junior managers in 2007 and created the People Management Selfcoaching Cards as a result of this. My goal in my coaching is to simply enable people to get along better and have fun working with each other – because of their personal differences, not despite of them. Only happy employees are motivated to create happy customers. And only happy customers rave about our business to all their friends and become our strongest marketing force.

I am available for 1:1 coaching of your team leaders and also offer fun half-day DiSC Personality Types workshops for your staff. For more information, contact me here.

People Management Selfcoaching Cards