Management Consulting

Since 2008 I have helped small businesses to increase their Know, Like and Trust-Factor by building strong relationships with their clients, suppliers, employees and their network. Great relationships have a direct influence on our bottom line.

I have set up Operations & Customer Service departments from scratch in the corporate fashion world as well as for small online businesses of spiritual teachers. 

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Happiness At Work

Through studying people and personality types all my life, I have developed a strong sense for “reading” people and understanding specifically what could motivate/de-motivate each individual in a team (everyone is different, there is no one-size-fits-all) and how to prevent potential interpersonal conflicts.

Over the years I have taken countless courses in Coaching, Communication, NLP, Recognition and Personality Types, and applied this knowledge as a manager, coach, customer service professional, as well as in my network of fellow entrepreneurs.

This is the basis of my work with team leaders, who I support as a resource and advisor in handling difficult situations with their team members. 

People Management Coaching 

I have been mentoring managers on and off since 2007 and created the People Management Selfcoaching Cards as a result of this.

My goal in my coaching is to simply enable people to get along better and have fun working with each other – because of their personal differences, not despite of them. Only happy employees are motivated to create happy customers. And only happy customers rave about our business to all their friends and become our strongest marketing force.

People Management Selfcoaching Cards

Measuring & Increasing Employee Happiness

My latest addition to my toolbox is the Heartcount Software, which is a wonderful tool for companies to regularly and consistently “feel the pulse” of their organisation and measure the happiness level of their employees.

It is also a tool that equips managers and team leaders with necessary input for creating more meaningful relationships with their direct reports – especially in remote work environments. 

It does all that in an incredibly simple and non-intrusive way that takes less than 30 seconds per week for your employees. 

If you’d like to have a chance to test it for free and see it from the inside before you try it out in your organisation, please contact me