EARN cryptocurrencies

before you risk your own money

Join the crypto space safely!

It's healthy to be skeptical.

It's sensible NOT to risk your money in something you don't quite understand yet.

Start safely by earning cryptocurrency.

Join the Crypto Space risk-free.

This Ebook shows you 10 different ways to begin earning cryptocurrency right now.

Get paid for walking, for listening to the radio, or many other activities you do daily anyway!

This is a totally risk-free way to participating and getting to know the crypto space safely.

Learning by Earning

Important Note:

Even though you won't invest your own money, you still need to approach this with an investor's mindset. 

That means long-term gains over short-term rewards

In some cases you won't be able to cash out immediately, or you will make only small amounts, as these projects are still in development or need to gain traction. But you may be happy in a year's time, that you started collecting coins today!

You may only have to install an app once, and never look at it again, while it keeps collecting coins for you. Others may offer you rewards for completing small tasks. 

  • None of the suggestions in this Ebook are "get rich quick" solutions 
  • None of them give any guarantees
  • All of them require a long-term mindset

So if you're looking for something that brings you an income now, this is NOT the right Ebook for you.

Consider this a game, that allows you to earn and learn in a playful, risk-free way.

Second Important Note:

For the apps that allow you to cash out immediately, you will need a wallet. 

If you don't know yet what a wallet is, you're not ready for this Ebook. How to deal with wallets and exchanges is NOT part of this guide. Please sign up to my free 7-Day email course (on the home page) first, to get some foundational knowledge.

Ready to Learn and Earn?

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