Crypto-… WHAT??

This is the time of the feminine rising
I know this is not news to you. 

Did you know, though, that crypto currencies reflect this new consciousness of the world?

To me, crypto currencies are the feminine rising in the world of finance and economics.

What is a crypto currency? 

​Magic Internet Money!! ;)

Actually there is nothing magic about it. But what it represents can be quite magical for us.

Crypto currencies exist on the revolutionary technology called Blockchain. A Blockchain is a decentralized peer-to-peer network - a hive without a boss. As opposed to our traditional pyramid structured centralized models (of governments with a president at the top, of company leadership with a CEO on top, of banks with the central bank on top, of computer networks with a main server on top).

Everyone is self-directed and free.
Especially us online entrepreneurs. 

On the Blockchain, there is no central controlling entity. Everyone is self-directed and free. Everyone can make direct peer-to-peer transactions - fast, anonymous and for a a fraction of the costs of traditional financial service providers. 

Especially for us international online entrepreneurs, this is fantastic news. We can save costs in our business. We don't need to go through the hassle of claiming our account back anymore, when Paypal decides to freeze it on a whim.

We don't need to worry about inflation either - crypto currencies are deflationary in that they have a limited number of coins. Once this number has been reached ("mined" in crypto terms), there can't be any more. Each coin is an encrypted code. Coins can't simply be reprinted, like our current "Fiat" money. (Yes that is what it's called. I had no idea either!)

Therefore, the more people decide to use a certain crypto currency, the more that currency will rise in value. We are still at the very beginning of the "rise of the crypto currencies" and this new world represents investment opportunities for us, that we never thought possible. Only a handful of people (well...) have heard about "Bitcoin", but none of us women entrepreneurs felt nerdy enough to give it more thought. (Lots of early believers in Bitcoin are millionaires and billionaires today.)

​The shift is here. Now
And so are the opportunities.

Everything is changing now. Women aren't becoming more nerdy :) but crypto is becoming more mainstream. Loads more currencies are on the market and soon they will go mainstream.

There is DASH for example. DASH's mission is to be usable, valuable and so user-friendly that even our moms would understand it. Check out DASH School to see what I mean. I have written several articles on why I believe in DASH, which you will find below. 

And speaking of articles... 

Did you know you can get paid for blogging?

Click on any of the articles you can see in the feed on the bottom of this page, to see what I mean... 

I will continue to write more on this subject, to enable you to find your way quicker than me in this (previously) men's world.

After all, with great new opportunities also come new risks and a lot of self-responsibility. Not everyone is ready for that. Especially when it comes to money. People have trusted my money skills and instincts for a long time, so I'll do my best to help you navigate this exciting new world, too. 

Over the past months I have made (real!) money from investing, lending, tips (yes!), blogging, and sharing my Receiving Meditation on a new content sharing site.

There is a whole parallel universe economy that you don't know about!

 ...And it's waiting for you to join and financially benefit from it! 

What we have here is an ethical, mathematical, fair - and quite easy - way to invest in our own future and that of our children, and even enjoy some passive income along the way.

Additionally, us entrepreneurs will enjoy the easy and inexpensive ways to handle online payments in the future. 

Watch this space ;)