Join the Money (r)Evolution!

Digital currencies can help you grow your savings, generate extra income and make the world a better place.

Hi, I'm Anja

When I first heard about Bitcoin in a co-working space in Bali, I wrote it off as "online gambling money for nerds".

Two years later, I stumbled across it again. Bitcoin was worth three times more now, and suddenly there were hundreds of other "digital currencies".

This time I stopped and listened. And studied.
And then I studied some more.  

What I found out, was nothing short of a financial awakening. It may say "Bitcoin" on the outside, but it contains so much more!

This is the birth of a new money system that can bring fairness, equality, transparence, inclusivity and true financial freedom to all of us. But first we need to understand it.

I am now on a mission to educate especially women entrepreneurs as their Tourguide into Cryptoland, so they can bring this knowledge to their tribes.  

Cryptocurrency Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs

Taking care of your financial future is now easy, ethical and it can even be fun!

The Conscious Crypto Community is for women who want to actively be part of changing the world, while ensuring their financial prosperity at the same time.

To participate in this world, you do NOT have to become a trader or financial expert. 
You do NOT have to drop everything else and focus only on learning this new thing.
You do NOT have to become an IT expert and start mining Bitcoin.

All you need is curiosity, a little sense of adventure, and determination to improve your financial future. 

I will help you get started, gain confidence and stay on track - all in YOUR time and in a safe environment. 

There is a whole parallel universe economy that you don't know about. 

...and it's waiting for you to join and financially benefit. 

People have trusted my money skills and intuition for a long time, so I'll do my best to help you navigate this exciting new world, too. 

Join us and start multiplying your money now!

This is a paradigm shift.
Be part of it from the beginning!


I never thought I would enter the world of cryptocurrencies

...The newness of it made me nervous. I was ill equipped to navigate that landscape, but I knew I had to change my attitude to money and my financial future. 

I met Anja at that exact point of transition; a point of serendipity. 

Her reassuring guidance patient and mindful approach has been perfect. 

The knowledge that I don't have time to harvest, or can't quite get my head around, she has and is able to explain. She is committed and adaptable to her clients' needs and supportive in her approach.

@theorderofthings - Artist, Berlin