Crypto-… WHAT??

This is the time of the feminine rising
I know this is not news to you. 

Did you know, though, that crypto currencies reflect this new consciousness of the world? To me, crypto currencies are the feminine rising in the world of finance and economics.

What is a crypto currency? 

​Magic Internet Money!! ;)

Actually there is nothing magic about it. But what it represents can be quite magical for us.

Crypto currencies exist on the revolutionary technology called Blockchain. A Blockchain is a decentralized peer-to-peer network - a hive without a boss. As opposed to our traditional pyramid structured centralized models (of governments with a president at the top, of company leadership with a CEO on top, of banks with the central bank on top, of computer networks with a main server on top).

Everyone is self-directed and free.
Especially us online entrepreneurs. 

Blockchain technology helps us save costs in our business. 

It helps us grow our savings again, instead of having them slowly diminish due to low or negative interest rates and inflation.

It brings us new active and passive income opportunities, that support artist and include the development world. 

In short - it makes the world a more beautiful, truthful, fair, equal and inclusive place.

(You can read the full article on this on Medium.) 

Is this REAL money?? YES!

I highly recommend watching the TED Talk above, in order to get a general idea about what the blockchain is, how it was invented, and what potential it has to make the world a better place. 

​The shift is here. Now
And so are the opportunities.

I want to share all of them with you! 

This is NOT only about finance and investing. This is about so much more!

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I have been studying this new world since October 2016 and started blogging about it on Medium. You can follow me there and read some of my articles to see what this is all about. 

Once you're confident that this is a movement that you want to benefit from as soon as possible, you can take the next step!

Join the Conscious Crypto Community!

I have created a private group, with which I share new information and answer questions on a daily basis. I make sure that this group stays free of spam and negative energy.

​If you are interested in exploring this new world and see what opportunities it holds for you, then I invite you to join us!

I am currently charging €119 (incl. VAT) for the remainder of the year 2017. This will be what they call a "Beta group" and will consist only of people who trust me and know that they will be getting their money's worth, even if there's no formulated curriculum yet.

A beta group usually helps co-create and test a product/service for a very very low price. This is it. On January 1, 2018, you can make a new choice and see if you want to stay in the group or if you're ready to go out on your own :)

Upon joining you will receive access to an eGuide (which currently is a 25-page Ebook in the form of a shared google document.
This eGuide will not only explain you the important things you should know about this new land of Crypto, but it will also give you clear instructions on how to start earning money immediately. For example through blogging on a platform that pays you: 

These amounts are possible for you, too. There are people who earn hundreds and thousands of Dollars per article. How much content have you written in your life that you could simply put there, and get paid for? Why waste that money? 

I will support you in the group in whatever way works - answering questions in the group, conducting small group calls/webinars - we will figure it out together.

My goal is for you to earn your €119 back within a couple of months, from the knowledge you receive in the eGuide and the group. This particular eGuide will mainly be an opportunity for writers/bloggers - but since my focus is on women online entrepreneurs, chances are that you have already written a lot of content for your own blog or social media, that you can now monetize. 

You may also earn a lot more. I will explain why in the eGuide. And I will share many other money-making opportunities with you in the community. Since the beginning of the year, I made more than €1,000 "on the side" in this new world. For example, I am currently earning a (small) passive income by supporting people in Africa. Yes. And you can, too.

The possibilities are endless. WIN:WIN:WIN for everyone.

Powered by sharing and receiving - AKA the blockchain. 

As a community member you will receive regular email updates from me, as well as interact with me and the others in a private facebok group. 

​With great opportunities come new risks and lots of self-responsibility. 

Not everyone is ready for that. Especially when it comes to money. People have trusted my money skills and instincts for a long time, so I'll do my best to help you navigate this exciting new world, too. This is what the Conscious Crypto Community is for.

There is a whole parallel universe economy that you don't know about!

 ...And it's waiting for you to join and financially benefit from it! 

What we have here is an ethical, mathematical, fair - and quite easy - way to invest in our own future and that of our children, and even enjoy some passive income along the way.

Additionally, us entrepreneurs will enjoy the easy and inexpensive ways to handle online payments in the future. 

Contact me if you want to join the Conscious Crypto Community!