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I’m An Audi! What Are You?



Which brands represent the core values that you want to be known for?

This is an exercise that is useful whether you own your own business or not. I like it so much, I included it in the Ebook Rewrite Your Career.

The question is simple: think of three brands you admire, and why you admire them.

Getting clarity on this helps you to determine your core values and see if and how you are incorporating them in your own business and/or your life.

It’s interesting what we associate with certain brands. One of the three brands I came up with was Audi, which was funny because I don’t really think about cars that much :)

It’s not a Mercedes

So where did Audi come from, out of the blue? I have a feeling the first reason was, “It’s not a Mercedes!” :) I associate Mercedes more with words like “posh” and “status” and “expensive”.

Audi, to me, represents authenticity, genuine-ness with no frills, it’s accessible for a wider range of people and stands for high quality, efficiency and reliability.

Well, I’m German, what can I do – those are our values :)

I feel safe driving in an Audi. I know it won’t break down on me half way to the destination.

Plus, Audi has a great sense of humor, too, as you can see in some of their commercials. So do we Germans, even though it seems to be the best kept secret in the world…

So that’s what I want stand for in the eyes of my clients: I want them to feel safe with me, I want them to know that they get what I promised, that they can rely on me and that I can take them far!

And all that, in an enjoyable, fun and effortless way!


Are you a Mac or a PC?


Whether you are looking for a job or building your business, this exercise may give you a lot of clarity in regards to what you want to stand for, what kind of employers or clients you want to attract, and what you want your branding and communication to look like.

So ask yourself these questions:

  • Which brands do you admire?
  • Why?
  • What do they stand for?
  • How do they make you feel?
  • Which of their qualities and values can you incorporate in your own life and business?

I would love to hear about your insights in the comments!

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Anja Schuetz

Anja helps you make money through Client-Focused Service & Operations Strategies. She knows how customers tick, and uses her people skills and inner nerd to help you create admin-freedom in your business and a positive, authentic reputation in the world.

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