The Supergirl’s MoneyCure is coming!

Thirty-Something Supergirl

I went shopping with a friend the other day and told her that I’m creating an online coaching course for Thirty-Something Women on „How to improve your relationship with money“ and she said, „OMG, I want to sign up for that course! I wish I could be so relaxed and comfortable with money as you […]

How My Business Empowered Me And Why You Should Start One, Too!

Women Branching Out Interviews

I got interviewed by the lovely Christie Halmick for her Women Branching Out series this week. One of the questions she asked me, was “How has running your own business empowered you?” I love Christie’s interview questions; they really made me think and find out new things about myself! While I could only share a […]

THAT’s Service: A Surprise From Steve Chandler and Maurice Bassett

Wealth Warrior

You know what I love? When a package from Amazon arrives and I had all forgotten that I’d ordered something! “Oh, surprise to self!” Is what I choose to think then (instead of “Alzheimers!!”) and wonder what I’ll find inside… This time, though, the surprise was even bigger, because when I opened it, Steve Chandler’s […]

Practical Tools To Make 2013 An Inspired, Happy And Successful Year

Heart Yes! 200px

You know by now that we don’t “do” New Year’s resolutions here, right? :) What we do do, is setting inspired goals that we will actually want to follow through on. As every year, I encourage you to send my your top ten goals for the next year. And this time, I also created a […]

What Acceptance Is, Isn’t, and Does.

Accept thumbnail

Most people mistake it for “giving up”. But acceptance actually helps you move forward. A new year is about to begin. Are you going to move forward? If you need help, I made this for you. It’s FREE.     

How To Manage Your Team With More HEART

Recognition 2

Today I’m promoting “recognition” to a management style! Yes! Unfortunately too many companies confuse recognition with “rewards”. Since they often have no budget for rewards, they think it means they can’t afford to recognize their staff at all. Rewards are indeed one form of recognition, however there is a lot more to it, which does […]

The Answer Is Always: SERVICE.

Customer Care Biz

Erin Blaskie has been asking a few business building questions on her blog in the past weeks, which many entrepreneurs answered, including myself. Here’s my input to her questions. Click the link underneath each, to see all the other helpful tips that were submitted.   On Finding New Clients Erin Blaskie: “Finding clients for your […]

Here’s Why You Don’t Follow Through On Your Commitments And How You Can

Do something today...

In my last post “Don’t follow the guru, fly your own magic carpet!” I talked about my friend, who thought just because he didn’t stick to his New Year’s resolutions or a “30 day Facebook fast”, it meant he was a terrible “committer” and that this must be the reason why he’s not in a […]

Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do!

Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 4.14.26 PM

I’ve been labeled “Bullshit Slayer” today*. Yes. [Apologies for the number of times the word Bullshit appears in this post.] When a single mom tells me she can’t find a job because, “After all there’s a crisis out there and let’s face it, who’s waiting for a single mom who hasn’t worked in a year?” […]