Happy Quirkyalone Day – February 14!

Sasha Cagen is the founder of the Quirkyalone movement and the author of the book with the same title. I spontaneously jumped on Skype with her today to interview her about Quirkyalone Day vs. Valentine’s Day Cultural conditioning – which still suggests we’re not complete until we have found the right partner The new generation […]

Any last words for 2014?

2015 8 year

…Swear words are totally allowed as your parting words to the old year :) 2014 has not been an easy year for many of us. Loads of big changes happened in our lives – moves, break up’s, job transitions, lost loved ones. But – Numerology, Chinese Astrology and other philosophies promise a more stable year […]

Happy First of Lovember!

If you read my last Muse Letter, you know that I have labeled this month Lovember. And I’m so happy you decided to join! (If you don’t receive my Muse Letters yet, but would like to – you can sign up below this post.) In Lovember we will focus on Love for 30 days. Self-Love, […]

How To Create A Life With Purpose


Most of us are wondering what the purpose of our life is, but how often do we stop and ask, What is the purpose of the work I’m doing? What is the purpose of the muffin I’m eating right now? What is the purpose of what I’m about to say to my child in a […]

Conscious Career Planning

Have different conversations

“They rejected me at that new company. That sucks. I really wanted that job!” “No, actually you did not really want THAT job. It was less pay, less of what you enjoy doing, and an even longer commute than now. You just really wanted to get away from your current job.” “Hm… true.” “This is […]

How To Manifest A Beautiful Apartment (and a nice career)

Manifested Apartment & career

It’s Saturday as I type this and I just had a reminder pop up on my phone that said, “Today I am moving to Berlin!” (Only I’ve been living here already for 3 days…) As it popped up, I remembered a conversation I had with my sister two months ago. She said, “Are you sure […]

From Rebound Job To Fulfilling Career – A Radical Shift

Curl up with career

Now this may be a slighly “dark” post, but I’m sure many of you have witnessed or experienced situations like this. It’s a scenario I see all too often. A Thirty-Something woman in a corporate job: She does like her job most of the time, because she work for a famous brand, makes good money, […]

What purpose does your current job serve in your life?

Career purpose

Yesterday I texted with a friend, who just landed a new job. Normally that would be good news, right? But she was a bit sad, because she’s in the middle of starting her business, which really caters to all her gifts, skills and talents. She was afraid that this job would distract her from following […]

Circumstances don’t control how we feel. We do.

Pick a number

So this happened to me yesterday: I went to the station to pick up a ticket I had booked online. They just rebuilt everything and the service center is new and looks completely different. So I picked one of the seven queues and stood in line. When it was my turn, I said, “I would […]

Unfollow Your Negative Thoughts

train of thought

People complain about “the crap that appears on facebook” and how upset it makes them. They even argue and insult certain people who posted an opinion they don’t agree with. Why? I wonder. Why do they follow a page that posts news that upsets them? Why do they choose to indulge in their own upset-ness? […]