THAT’s Service: A Surprise From Steve Chandler and Maurice Bassett

Wealth Warrior

You know what I love? When a package from Amazon arrives and I had all forgotten that I’d ordered something! “Oh, surprise to self!” Is what I choose to think then (instead of “Alzheimers!!”) and wonder what I’ll find inside… This time, though, the surprise was even bigger, because when I opened it, Steve Chandler’s […]

The Answer Is Always: SERVICE.

Customer Care Biz

Erin Blaskie has been asking a few business building questions on her blog in the past weeks, which many entrepreneurs answered, including myself. Here’s my input to her questions. Click the link underneath each, to see all the other helpful tips that were submitted.   On Finding New Clients Erin Blaskie: “Finding clients for your […]

Today I’m gonna make you famous!

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    In my last post I mentioned my new Facebook page and I love seeing it grow because it brings all my passions under one umbrella: Being of service Inspiring others to be of service – to both themselves (how many of us forget that?) and to others Enabling YOU to inspire and lead by example […]

How To Repair Damaged Customer Relationships

How To Repair Relationships

Someone recently shared the following story on an entrepreneur forum: “…An employee had resigned and it was an amicable split. Within hours after the split, though, this person contacted every customer and told them lies about unethical business practices; his only motivation being to destroy this business, not to steal the customers. His boss – […]

Customer Surprise by Rock Palace

Rock Palace

… and then there’s Rock Palace. My shiny new Snowball microphone arrived this week. It’s gonna serve me well when I start interviewing experts via skype next week, for my upcoming “Thirties Survival Kit” book. The picture here shows the content of the shipment. Doesn’t it look pretty? Besides a big Thank You card, they […]

The Curse of Social Media in Customer Service

Customers’ opinions on social media are symptoms. They are results, outcomes of experiences they had with your company. They can be good. They can be bad.

If you’re not happy with the symptoms, how about trying to change the cause?

Conspiracy to improve the Customer Service we RECEIVE

I just made someone’s day by telling them how great customer service they had given me today and that I really appreciated it, since it’s so rare here in The Netherlands. I said Thank You even though they proved me wrong and I really did have to pay that old invoice… :) They helped me […]

You are great!

Tell you’re co-workers how much you appreciate them today. Make their day!