Calculate the price for your coaching packages easily in Excel or Google Spreadsheets

Figuring out the price of your coaching packages doesn’t need to be so hard!

In this short tutorial I show you a super simple and a little more advanced way to do this easily in a spreadsheet. (No need to be scared of them :) they can save you so much time!)

Here are some pointers, if you don’t have 9 spare minutes to what the full clip:

  • 0:15 min – The super simplest way
  • 1:10 min – The fancier template
  • 2:10 min – Price calculation incl. VAT/GST
  • 3:10 min – Price calculation with currency conversion
  • 4:40 min – A 12-week coaching package example incl. (“unlimited”?) email contact, bonuses etc.

Would you like to save time and receive the Coaching Package Pricing Calculator ready-made for you?

Order it below and I’ll personally send it to you right away!

Note: This is not an instant download

Due to current European VAT regulations, I can’t give you automatic instant access to this file. I have to add a “human interaction” and send you the files manually. (Seriously, who comes up with rules like that…)

It usually takes me less than a couple of hours, but due to time zone differences etc., please allow 24 hours.

Anja :)

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Anja Schuetz

Anja helps you make money through Client-Focused Service & Operations Strategies. She knows how customers tick, and uses her people skills and inner nerd to help you create admin-freedom in your business and a positive, authentic reputation in the world.

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