Happy Quirkyalone Day - February 14!
Sasha Cagen is the founder of the Quirkyalone movement and the author of the book with the same title. I[...]
Any last words for 2014?
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Happy First of Lovember!
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How To Create A Life With Purpose
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Conscious Career Planning
"They rejected me at that new company. That sucks. I really wanted that job!" "No, actually you did not really[...]
How To Manifest A Beautiful Apartment (and a nice career)
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Rewrite Your Career NOW
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From Rebound Job To Fulfilling Career - A Radical Shift
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What purpose does your current job serve in your life?
Yesterday I texted with a friend, who just landed a new job. Normally that would be good news, right? But[...]
Circumstances don't control how we feel. We do.
So this happened to me yesterday: I went to the station to pick up a ticket I had booked online.[...]
Unfollow Your Negative Thoughts
People complain about "the crap that appears on facebook" and how upset it makes them. They even argue and insult[...]
Need A Good Book For Your Vacation?
It's summer and vacation time here in the Norther hemisphere. That's when most of us look for "a good book"[...]
Employ Better Thoughts!
I imagine it like this: We are all in the "thinking business". We are the CEO. Our thoughts are our[...]
This is something I have to do myself! (...Really?)
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Free Resources To Get In Touch With Your Mystic-ness
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Desiring More Money Doesn't Mean You Are Greedy
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Who Wouldn't Like To Fit Into These Jeans in 2014?
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Love Yourself Through Fear
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Why I Am Running A Course On Money
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Before You Leave A Job You Hate...
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