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The Good News Day Experiment

The Good News Day Experiment

This is one of the best manifesting tools I’ve been using with all my clients and friends. Give yourself a Good News Day!

Here’s how it works:

1. Open your diary, filofax, Outlook, phone, or whatever else you use to keep track of your schedule.

2. Pick any random day next week or next month to be “Good News Day”. Write it into your diary in bold!

3. On the day, pay attention! Make a note of every piece of good news that comes your way on that day.

Don’t plan it, don’t force it…

It’s important to make it a random day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend or a weekday, it doesn’t matter where you’re going to be that day. Make it a random day and let the universe surprise you! Just keep your eyes open and pay attention on that day – the good news can be big or small.

Don’t fall into to the trap of “willing” a certain day to be a good news day, (for example when you expect a pay rise or the day of the lottery draw). That will make you focus only on that one thing and you won’t pay attention to any other direction the good news might come from.

Just get excited and be curious that day…

4. Come back here and leave a comment below or on the my Facebook page and tell us what good news you received on your good news day!

5. Put another good news day in your calendar.

What you’ll notice…

…is that over time, you’re going to have more and more Good News Days in your life, even though you didn’t mark them as such beforehand. That’s because this experiment allows you to flex your “allowing and receiving”-muscles instead of trying to control the universe…

NOW: Scroll back up and do points 1 and 2! Leave a comment to let me know when you’re Good News Day will be (and come back on the day to tell us that you received GREAT NEWS!! (you don’t need to reveal everything, only if you want to) :)

Have fun practicing! And spread the joy and give your friends a Good News Day, too!


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