Hi, I'm Anja.
I'm a spirit on a business trip to earth
(just like you, I guess...)

...spreading love through service, currently incarnated as a Customer Service & Operations Strategist, a Coach, a Connector, a Traveler and a Lover of really good espresso.

After setting up and running Customer Service and Operations departments in companies like Tommy Hilfiger and Karl Lagerfeld, I now support small, difference-making businesses (mainly spiritual teachers and coaches, and VA's) around the world.

Back in the corporate world I gained the nickname "Octopus", because I used to be in the middle of (and connected to) all the other departments around me - at the "solution center" - where everyone came to get their answers.

To be honest, I would have preferred the reason for this nickname to be the fact that Octopi have three hearts. Which I do, when it comes to your customers.

How can I help you?

I love strong relationships and I'm happy to become part of your success team long term. However, if you only need a one-off clarity session or support for a short-term project, I'm here for you as well!

Starting online?

As a coach, I can help you in a very practical, hands-on way to...

  • Streamline your booking processes
  • Fix sign up issues on your website or in Mailchimp
  • Set up your first online course - even without fancy membership systems
  • Create simple money management systems
  • Create customer tracking files - not everyone needs a costly CRM
  • Teach you how to communicate with your customers in a loving (and profitable) way

...Whatever you need to make your admin easier, in a simple way that works for YOU, and without any costly software.

6-figures in sight?

As a consultant, I help you run part of your business, when you need someone...

  • Who you can trust 1,000%
  • Who doesn't need instructions, but is there to create them and set up operational procedures from scratch
  • Who manages your affiliates or is the first point of contact for your VIP customers
  • Who has an eye for detail, German accuracy & efficiency, and loves spreadsheets
  • Who can train and supervise your first customer service VA

I'm your partner to help you manage your business in away that makes your life easier, and your customers even happier.

Would you like to have a chat?

I would love to meet you via Skype. If you can identify with either person I described above, and if you think I can be of service to you, let's schedule a free chat here.

Bring all your questions with you, and we'll see what we can solve right there and then!

I am looking forward to connecting with you!


I have a flexible pricing structure which allows us to work on an hourly basis, a flat rate or even a credit system.

Please schedule a FREE Skype Session first, let's talk about your needs and figure out a pricing strategy that gives you the most freedom!

Let's tay in touch through my Business Love Letter

I will send you a list of my favorite business tools as a free gift right away.

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