Hi, I'm Anja.
I'm a spirit on a business trip to earth
(just like you, I guess...)

...spreading love through service, currently incarnated as a Customer Service & Operations Strategist, a Coach, a Connector, a Traveler and a Lover of really good espresso.

After setting up and running Customer Service and Operations departments in companies like Tommy Hilfiger and Karl Lagerfeld, I now support small, difference-making businesses (mainly spiritual teachers and coaches, and VA's) around the world.

Back in the corporate world I gained the nickname "Octopus", because I used to be in the middle of (and connected to) all the other departments around me - at the "solution center" - where everyone came to get their answers.

To be honest, I would have preferred the reason for this nickname to be the fact that Octopi have three hearts. Which I do, when it comes to your customers.

How can I help you?

I love strong relationships and I'm happy to become part of your success team long term. However, if you only need a one-off clarity session or support for a short-term project, I'm here for you as well!

As a consultant, I work with coaches and spiritual teachers who are already established and in the process of expanding their business.

As a coach, I work with business starters, who are still figuring our their exact business model, who need clarity, focus and accountability, who are not really familiar with the basics (e.g. newsletter and automation processes) yet, and who might still need to get over some "money stuff", too. 

Money, Joy & Freedom in your business!

I can support you...

  • By helping you create, structure and price your coaching packages, so that they are clear and desirable to your customers, and enjoyable and rewarding for yourself.
  • By setting up customer onboarding processes with you, that make your customers feel seen and welcomed; that save you and them time, and that reduce hours (and therefore $$$) from your VA's invoice at the end of the month.
  • By documenting all processes and creating a "training manual" for your future Customer Service VA.
  • By training and managing your first VA during the first couple of months, which means no extra work, stress or headaches for you during this process.
  • By being your Affiliate Manager or first point of contact for your VIP clients, so that they can become your strongest (free!) marketing force.


I have a flexible pricing structure which allows us to work on an hourly basis, a flat rate or even a credit system.

Please schedule a FREE Skype Session first, let's talk about your needs and figure out a pricing strategy that gives you the most freedom!

What will your customers do after we've worked together?

They will start raving about how well they feel taking care of by you and how fast they get answers (from your team) in between their session with you. They will feel truly loved by you and see that you are walking your talk throughout every process and customer touch point in your business. Raving fans = your strongest (free) marketing force!

Let's face it: in a world with so much choice and with so many coaches and service providers offering similar things, the one thing that will truly influence your potential customer's decision making is how good you and everyone on your team makes them feel during every interaction they have with your business - whether it is in your direct conversations, in emails with your assistant - before, during or after they booked a program with you - on your Facebook page or in your emails campaigns.

How do we know if you and I are a good match?

We won't 100% be sure of that until we have spoken with each other, but here are a few pointers to get started:

  • You are a coach or spiritual teacher who's business is gowing through a growth spurt
  • So far you've been working with your clients through 1:1 or group sessions and you're making a substantial income from it.
  • You're about to publish a book or launch an online course that will make you a lot more visible in the world, and you want your business to be ready for it.
  • You may need to raise your prices, or structure your offer into packages that make sense, and you need someone to talk this through with
  • Your inbox is filling up with booking requests that you almost don't know how to handle anymore.
  • You know you need admin help!

  • You want to hire your first Virtual Assistant, but you have never managed or trained people before and you're not even sure what exactly to outsource to them. The thought of how to train and hand things over to them seems like a mountain of extra work for you and stresses you out, while it's actually supposed to take work off you.
  • You need someone to answer your emails, but in your voice, and in a loving way and through words that sell
  • You want to have efficient process flows in place, for things that you did manually by email until now (i.e. appointment bookings directly through your website), so that you can give your first VA clear instructions when they come on board
  • You need a proper way of keeping track of all your customers and their orders, so you never risk forgetting anything and appearing disorganized to the outside world, and you'll always have an updated overview of what you've sold this month/year
  • You want to sell digital downloads (ebooks, meditations) or run your first online course, but you don't know how to make this all technically possible
  • You are not interested in fancy systems and software that you don't understand. You simply want processes that work for you and that you could  easily do yourself when your VA is on holiday :)

Would you like to have a chat?

As you can see, this website is still under construction and growing very slowly.

Why? Because I always put my client work first. Also - funnily - I hardly meet clients through my website. Most of them come through referrals, which I am extremely grateful for. Maybe that's why this website is not my main priority right now.

Serving my clients and making them and their customers happy - that is my top priority.

I would love to meet you via Skype. If you can identify with the person I described above, and if you think I can be of service to you, please contact me here. I am looking forward to connecting with you!

Side Note...

Over the past years I have also been coaching individuals at the beginning of their spiritual journey, to see themselves and the world in a better light, so they can create the miracles in their life and career that they are dreaming of.

I also sometimes coach managers and team leaders in People Management Skills (= becoming a boss that people love to work for and do their best for). How we should treat our employees really isn't that much different from how we should treat our customers, you know.

This is why you will also find some Coaching Tools on this site, which seem completely unrelated to Customer Service & Operations for small businesses. This is one of them.