Who’s Anja?

My Professional Background

Anja SchuetzBorn in East-Germany, I landed my first proper job as an office clerk at the new employment office just after the wall came down. I was still a teenager when I found myself sitting across a big scary construction worker who had been sent from one wrong office to another and who said to me very calmly, “If you send me to one more office, I’m gonna beat the crap out of you!”

And I did send him to yet another office and he didn’t beat the crap out of me. Instead he thanked me.

Dealing with people who never knew unemployment and who now had just lost their jobs as well as their identity, gave me the best communication training I could ever dream of. I learned that all that people need, is to be heard and to feel seen. I can handle any situation, if I give them that. Often the actual source of a conflict is the very fact that people are trying to make themselves heard, in the only way they know.

So I acknowledged the frustration of the big scary construction worker. I apologized for whoever had sent him to the wrong offices. And I didn’t take his attitude towards me personally. I understood that it wasn’t about me. I agreed that he had every right to be mad about the situation and I let him see that I was on his side and would help him. He felt heard. He had found someone who cared. He calmed down.

Later in my career, I spent 18 months working in a call center, during which I spoke to 40,000 people, 50% of which called to complain. I learned how to calm down customers and how to get them to hang up happy, even if I had to give them bad news.

I also was a travel agent for four years – positive happy customers for a change, however in the most competitive market you can imagine. I learned how to connect on a personal level with each customer and noticed that this was why they decided to buy from me, rather than from the competition.

I spent my whole professional life in Customer Service environments, most of which as a manager or team leader, which taught me also how to communicate with my staff, in order for them to be happy and motivated at work.

The Start Of My Own Business

My passion for “employee- and customer happiness” led me to start my own consultancy in 2008. It all began with a pack of Poker cards… Since then I have coached employees, managers and team leaders in (mainly left-brained IT-related) international organizations in regards to performance and people-management skills.
After numerous “recognition” and “happiness & success” seminars I have also been coaching private clients for a while now, who feel stuck in life or in their career and for the first time ask themselves the question, “What do *I* really want?
In the same way that we improve our relationships when we make the other person feel seen, we also improve the relationship with ourselves, if we truly see and accept ourselves.

Private clients…

…contact me when they notice a sense of urgency to move forward in their lives or career, but feel stuck because they simply don’t know what choices to make. They often use the following metaphor:

I feel like I’m driving with the handbrake on, because I’m not sure where I’m going. If I knew, I could hit the gas and be there in no time!

Often they feel isolated and confused because they feel they can’t share all their thoughts and feelings and new interests with their friends and therefore tried to figure things out on their own for too long. It’s time to get a partner on board!
Most of these clients are in (or around) their thirties and not fully aware that what they are going through is really a common personal transformation that happens to almost every thirty-something person at the moment. I am grateful to be able to witness this transformation and awakening and assist them in accepting this new “identity” and understanding where it comes from, why it’s happening now and how to move forward from here.


My commitment to you

When you talk to me, I will listen to you in a way that you might rarely get listened to. I will be so present with you that we will both hear even the things that are not being said.

We will bring everything to your awareness that might stop you from creating the results and future you desire: your actions, behavior, attitude, worries, and limiting beliefs and you will understand how you create your reality and reactions from other people.

Once you have this new awareness and you’re allowing yourself to be truly, authentically YOU – you can take hold of the steering wheel again and consciously take your life, career and relationships in your desired direction. …And happy success and magic will just offer themselves to you… just wait and see :)