Hi, I'm Anja.
Like all women, I am obsessed with shoes...

I especially love putting myself in the shoes of your customers and looking at your business, your offer, your website, your copy, your freebie, your newsletter, your 1:1 sessions, your communities - any form of interpersonal interaction - from your customer's point of view.

I know how customers think and how they want to feel, and I use that knowledge to help you make more money by converting more people into customers. (And by people I do mean human beings, not clicks on ads.) 

I believe Service is Love in Business

I want to change the world by making people kinder to each other - specifically businesses to their customers.

If only more people knew how profitable kindness is!

Customer are the biggest gift for our businesses (I mean, really, without customers we wouldn't have businesses, we'd have hobbies). Therefore they deserve to be treated as a gift.

I believe we earn customers

...by showing interest in them and taking the time to pay attention to their needs, so that we can communicate with them in a language they understand and create the exact offers they desire. This is called a relationship... ;)

Conversion happens when a customer feels seen, understood and valued, rather than sold to

In the past I set up and ran Customer Service and Operations departments in companies like Tommy Hilfiger and Karl Lagerfeld.  

Now I support Spiritual Consultants, Coaches and Healers around the world in connecting consciously and authentically with their followers and customers and making a real difference to them.

My goal is to hear my clients say:

"If this is what Marketing feels like, I want to do it all day!" 

My business background

After an exciting and diverse career in Customer Service & Operations Management, my business started by coincidence after I created this set of Poker Cards for Managers in 2008. They were an experiment and a passion project, and the first company who bought them hired me as a coach for their management staff.

I started coaching Team Leaders and Managers in Relationship Building Skills (e.g. by teaching them about Recognition & Rewards, DiSC Personality Profiles and how to make their employes feel seen) to create happy teams and strong, sustainable connections with their co-workers. 

Since 2010 I have been educating myself on Online Marketing and supported fellow Coaches as their Online Business Manager, using my Customer Service & Operations Management skills.

Since Customers really are my first love, my main focus today is teaching Coaches and Lightworkers like you Conscious Client Connections: How to build authentic, sustainable relationships by:

  • ​Showing genuine interest in your customers and figuring out who they are and what they desire, so that you can respond to that in a way that makes you feel good and your clients understood
  • Aligning your message to their language in order to truly reach their hearts
  • Being of authentic "no ego"-service by focusing on kindness and compassion more than on your terms & conditions

This is how you attract coaching clientsinspire them to trust you AND have them rave about your business to all their friends.

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