Today I Will Stop And Buy Myself A Bunch Of Roses

Today I will stop and buy myself a bunch of roses

Have you noticed? The first quarter of 2012 is over.

According to astrologists, 2012 is supposed to be the most creative year of our generation. I know that especially some of the women reading this blog have experienced this and are moving mountains – or have moved them already in the past three months.

As enthusiastic coaches, we would normally rub our hands and ask our clients, „So, what do you intend to do with the remaining three quarters? What are you going to use all this creative energy for?“

But today, I propose to STOP!

Let’s take a moment for reflection. A moment to catch our breath before we start running again. A moment to remind ourselves of all the wonderful things we’ve made happen since January.

Most of us are so busy being there for other people (in our jobs, our lives, our businesses), that we forget to take care of ourselves in the process. We may or may not get recognition from our bosses, partners, peers or clients for what we do. But what’s most important is that we recognize ourselves for what we do.

What personal successes have you had in the past three months? Which special things happened – or did you make happen – that really meant something to you personally?

Do you notice how hard it is to think of any?

Why we remember bad news better than good news

For the past three years, I’ve been keeping a weekly record of everything I’ve done in that week. Call it a „bullet point journal“ if you will. I started it when I realized how we keep forgetting the good stuff. Bad stuff simply engraves itself deeper into our memory than good stuff. It’s how we’re wired. In stone age times it was more important to remember dangers and to warn our tribe about them.

These days however, we’re more concerned with self-actualization than with survival. We want to share good things with our tribe now, in order to inspire them and lead them to healthy, happy and fulfilled lives.

In order to stay inspiring we need to be able to „in-spire“ ourselves – to „bring spirit in“ again. It means to pause and take a moment, a day or a week to be of service to ourselves, rather than only to other people.

It means to re-fill our cup and make it overflow again so we have more to share with others.

When would be a good time to notice our successes?


We are getting so used to being in busy-mode, that we keep rushing past our own successes. But if we don’t even notice them, what are we creating them for? We can only be happy in the NOW. If we keep missing the NOW, what do we keep running towards to?

Here are some of my highlights of the first three months of this year:

Biggest professional successes:

  • I worked full time again for the first time in 4 years and helped a consulting client with a big launch! I successfully set up an operations department, which consists of a small *HAPPY* team – my biggest success and joy!
  • I entered the Asian market with my coaching cards for managers by receiving orders from Malaysia and India for the first time!
  • I created an intimate online forum for thirty-something women to share and inspire each other, which is slowly but gradually growing. If you would like to join in the inspiration, I’d love to have you there

Personal highlights:

  • I finally had a past life regression
  • I went indoor skydiving (I have no intention of doing the REAL thing)
  • I started going to the gym and I actually enjoy it!!

Best self-care:

  • I treated myself to two weeks in Thailand in February (even though I had just been there in October!)
  • I spontaneously flew to London to a party for my birthday. 

Biggest insights

  • I realized how powerful prayers are
  • I learned that the people who hurt me or annoy me in my life are here to teach me something, and they’ll keep coming back (in different forms, with different names) until I learned my lesson and how to deal with them.
  • I accepted that my passion is, has been and forever will be „Service“ – as in teaching and inspiring both small business owners as well as staff how to be of service to other people, whether they are our clients, colleagues or bosses. The universe just keeps pointing me towards it..

I hope this inspired you to create your own first-quarter-reflection list, or even a weekly bullet point – journal!

Call for original quotes!

In regards to my last insight above about my passion for Service – I created a new Facebook page which will bring you regular tips and quotes (similar to the image above) on how to be of service to yourself and others – be it your clients, your colleagues or even your boss.

We make a difference in the world by being of service. And one way I want to be of service to you is by publishing YOUR quote on my new Facebook page! Pop over and see if you like it!

And if you want your own original quote going viral on Facebook and Pinterest and everywhere – send me your quote here!


Since this was a long post, here are 3 calls for action for you:

  • Share some of your successes of the first quarter below in the comments
  • Join our group of inspired, successful, thirty-something ladies all around the world HERE and share your blog posts (if they are of interest to the thirty-something crowd) and start some inspiring discussions there
  • LIKE the new Facebook page and submit YOUR QUOTE and get famous here


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  1. Very inspirational! I love the idea of taking time to celebrate successes instead of always rushing forward. My biggest success from the first quarter was launching my new business. I’m thrilled to be doing what I love!

  2. Anja, I wholeheartedly agree with paying attention to all our successes along the way rather than looking what is yet to be accomplished (or the bad news). I am like you in that I keep a journal, yet my daily entries are for everything I am grateful for, everything that went right that day, not wrong. It is amazing how it shifts one’s perspective. I also do a big reflection process at the end of the year, yet you have inspired me to do them quarterly as well. Thanks for your inspiration and congratulations on your first quarter achievements!!

  3. Anja, YES! Celebrating your successes (big or small) and enjoying what you do is a critical factor to success. It leads to being more present and feeling fulfilled. As we all know building a business is hard work. So, taking the time to celebrate on a regular basis will keep you focused and inspired while allowing you to have a hell of a lot more fun. Thanks for this post, the reminder & congrats on your first quarter achievements!

  4. Anja – love all your successes this first quarter! My success are starting writing fiction again, rewarding myself with more reading/relaxing time and getting outside in the garden. I love spring.

  5. This. is. awesome. I love that you have created this new FB page (liked and shared!). I am inspired by the items that you listed…and as I sit here in Starbucks between client appointments, I think how true it is that we rush + rush and don’t give ourselves credit. (There is actually a scientific study that I came across recently about how women always “round down” their talents, accomplishments, etc.). It’s time to make my own list…thanks for the encouragement!

  6. I love your reflective questions and that way you’ve broken this down! And BRAVO for accomplishing so much in this first quarter. Thanks for the reminder to assess and acknowledge my successes.


  7. Loved this post! Focusing on accomplishments vs. dwelling on the misteps is so key. Something I think we all need to work on. Tonight will be my night to review this past quarter and celebrate! I have a little glass of bubbly and bought myself some lilies! That is the best start! Many thanks Anja for this fab post!

    p.s. isn’t indoor skydiving AWESOME!?

  8. OMG….”I learned that the people who hurt me or annoy me in my life are here to teach me something, and they’ll keep coming back (in different forms, with different names) until I learned my lesson and how to deal with them.”

    Okay, I have heard similar versions of that before, but THIS one really hit me….this is SO true. Thank you for pulling the veil away for me on that point. Love that.

    I have been having my own revelations on what I am supposed to do this past week….service, master teacher/director, leader….the reveal is coming soon…!!!


  9. The pause in between notes is what gives music its soul, much like you wisely advise here. And the soul you have here is brimming with goodness. Congratulations on your very cool accomplishments and the offering of your self to be in service of others.

    And, so nice to meet you!

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