Being Alone Is The New Being Married. Really?

Alone does not equal loneliness

I came across this post on the other day and I just have to share an excerpt with you here.

The article is quoting sociologist Eric Klinenberg as follows: 

“The mere thought of living alone once sparked anxiety, dread and visions of loneliness. But those images are dated.

Now the most privileged people on earth use their resources to separate from one another, to buy privacy and personal space.” After studying the numbers, Klinenberg suggests that living alone has become desirable for adults of all ages. After all, “living alone comports with modern values. It promotes freedom, personal control and self-realization — all prized aspects of contemporary life.”

And that’s not all. People who live alone actually spend more time being social, seeing their friends, and attending cultural events than married people.

Even families who live together tend to spend their time in separate rooms, ensconced in separate media experiences. In other words, lonely and alone often have nothing to do with one another.

Read the full article and on here.

I’m very curious to hear what you think of this!

I know many people who live alone (especially women in their thirties and beyond) have to cope with either open or hidden judgment of others, as in “What’s wrong with you?”

Well, nothing!

While I question the statement “Being alone is the new being married”, I love this simple acknowledgement of an obvious fact, which lets you know, “You’re not alone! You’re not the only one in the world who lives alone – whether by choice or not. It’s an effect, a symptom of our society and our own growth and development in this time and age. Times are changing!”

So if you are one of those modern women or men, don’t allow other closed-minded people to get you down! Whether people can accept that traditions change or not – they judge by their own values, beliefs and experiences (well, we all tend to do that…) and we just all have to accept and tolerate each others choices. There’s not only one right way!

In the very least this article is a great acknowledgement that YOU ARE OK THE WAY YOU ARE!

Keep enjoying being YOU and feel good about yourself!


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