How To Formulate Inspiring Goals – An Example From Someone Who Knows

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A couple of days ago I posted how you can manifest your goals faster when you associate them with specific feelings, and I invited you to write down 10 goals for this year and send them to me. Today I want to share an example of a truly inspired list from someone who really knows how to manifest big stuff!

Denise Duffield-Thomas is an Australian coach and the author of “Lucky Bitch” – a guide for exceptional women to create outrageous success. She has manifested amazing things in her life, all of which you can learn about on her website

When we project ourselves into the future and picture ourselves HAVING, BEING or DOING the very “thing” we want to create and all the details of it, we can easily tune into the feelings that come along with it. Identify those feelings and mention them when you formulate your goals. Inspire yourself while writing! What you can perceive, you can create!

Here is the list Denise sent me and allowed me to share with you. She’s looking back from one year from now, giddy with excitement and almost breathless it seems…  Enjoy!

  1. I feel a little like hyperventilating but in a good way because Oprah called and she wants to promote my book and discuss doing something special on OWN. Are you freaking serious? I feel like jumping up and down and calling my mum -she’s going to be excited too!
  2. It’s summer and I’m feeling sexy! I just put on my little white string bikini and damn! I look sooo hot and I feel like such a gorgeous goddess. It feels even better strutting along the beach!
  3. Wow – paying off my last debt payment to the UK feels like a huge weight is off my shoulders. Mark and I are so relieved that we’ve finally released all of our credit card debts. What a relief – I feel FREE!
  4. Saving 10% of my income this year was an awesome decision. I feel so abundant with more than $15,000 in my savings account. With Mark’s we’ve got more than $30,000 saved as a deposit for our house!!!!
  5. I love how super focused I’ve been this year to create 5 mini Lucky Bitch guides which are all selling like hot-cakes on Amazon. I feel so proud of myself that I got over procrastination and it feels wonderful when I get emails from people saying how much they’ve enjoyed reading them.
  6. I’ve just come back from my annual US trip and feel like a different person. Again, I went to 3 different conferences, easily paid for everything and got so much out of them! I feel even better than I got upgraded to 1st class. YIPEE!
  7. I feel totally in love with my husband who is totally hot too after losing weight this year. I get a twinge of excitement in my belly when I hang out with him.
  8. OMG, my knees are shaking a little as I jump up on stage to accept a major entrepreneurial award – wow – I actually won!
  9. God – it feels so nice to hand over all of those tasks over to my project manager – they make my life feel so much easier, and I love knowing that everything is taken care of! Leverage feels good!
  10. Cool – just got my 2012 financial report from my book-keeper, I easily cleared $150,000 and I feel so damn proud of myself. I think it’s time for a little champagne…

Did you get inspired? Did you think of new things to add to your list? Are you gonna make one, even though you never did before?

My invitation still stands – if you want me to keep your list for you and surprise you with it in one year, when you have all forgotten about – email it to me at hello [at], with “2012 goals” in the subject.

This is what someone responded the other day, when she received her list of 2011 back from me:

So nice to be reminded cause I totally forgot about it. Interesting to see that I have been living my life with these goals in the back of my mind the last year. And now the results…amazing! I managed to be successful in achieving almost all my goals! Point 5 and 6: still working on it. This reminder/evaluation is a real PRESENT!

According to astrologers, 2012 will be the most creative year in our lives; and the time between idea and manifestation (cause and effect) will be way shorter this year than ever before. They are saying we can literally go beyond our nature and create things we’ve never thought possible this year. Whether you believe this or not – why not test it? What’s the harm?



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