Here’s to 366 Days of Inspiration and Happiness in 2012!

May you feel inspired, guided and protected all throughout the next year!

 What do YOU see in this picture?


5 Responses to Here’s to 366 Days of Inspiration and Happiness in 2012!

  1. Fawn says:

    Gorgeous painting, it really captures how I feel about having great women in my life.

    I see connection and not doing it alone!
    Xo and Happy New Year!

  2. Pat Novak says:

    Beautiful painting! I absolutely see and feel the Goddess energy embracing me, as I am embracing the child within myself. This painting is a wonderful image of that synergy !

  3. Tina Pruitt says:

    Gorgeous painting….I love how it captures the connectiveness that we all have….I love the spirit of sisterhood. I love the warmness of the embrace within an embrace. Warm, secure, connected….

    Thanks for sharing Anja!

  4. Anja Schuetz says:

    I see spirit and inspiration and when I look at it I’m being reminded that while I have to take care of myself and take action in my life, I can trust and be guided by my higher self – something bigger than me.

  5. I see safety, warmth, hope. I see YOU~ME~US wrapped in a circle of love. It’s beautiful!!

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