Claire’s story


Claire said to me when we first met:

“I feel like life is passing me by. I feel like I’m driving with the handbreak on. It’s because I don’t know where to go. If I would know, I would long be there! I would immediately release the handbreak and go for it! I’m an active person! I used to be curious and carefree. I don’t know what happened. Now I just feel lazy! I feel like I should be doing something, including finding a job that I enjoy more and I feel I should be much further in my life. I’m also scared that I will lose my courage to go for anything new, the longer this will be going on…”

After our first meeting she wrote me:

“There are so many things that have been going through my mind since our conversation, and I wanna do them all at once! :) Let’s start the coaching program, please!”

We worked together for around 5 months, really looking at her values in life and what happened that made her act differently now, versus ten years ago, when she travelled wherever she wanted and took on any fun job to support her studies. We found out she had felt like this before, but when that happened, she just packed her bags and went abroad for a few months, to re-energize.

We noticed that she had slowly assumed a role and a life that matched with her parent’s values and standards, but that actually had nothing to do with her anymore – she had grown out of them. We spent a lot of time looking into the “WHY” of things: Why did she allow her boss or certain other people to intimidate her – what was the reason and what did those people/situations have in common? Why did she want to do, be or have certain things – what did they all have in common?

Claire could get very excited and go, “Great!! On to the next!!” and I sometimes had to slow her down and ask her to re-look at some “symptoms” again – where else in her life did they appear, too? She wanted to go with such a speed that it was me, who sometimes had to “put the handbreak” on again, to make sure that she wouldn’t miss any important insights along the way. We gain clarity when we let our minds settle. Like a bowl of dirty water – if you let the dirt settle, the water will become clear. Claire was tempted to clear the water by stirring it really fast :)


Two months after we stopped working together, she told me that she had quit her job to go travelling for 4 months!

Good bye insecurity – Hello confidence!

After she had handed in her notice – several people approached her and asked her to contact them upon her return, so that they could offer her a job! Her boss even told her that he would keep her old job for her. She said, “No thank you, I want a better one!”

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