This Is How Your Staff Will Give Better Customer Service To Your Clients

In order to have happy, loyal customers, you need to have happy, loyal staff that your customers love to deal with – be it on the phone or in person. Talking with your customer service staff should be a pleasant experience.

If your staff currently is not creating pleasant experiences for your customers, a training on “How to give better service” might not be the solution.

Most people intrinsically know the “HOW”. They just need a good enough reason to get creative. And that is exactly what is lacking in many employees these days: the WHY.

Why should I give better service? Why should I care about my employer’s clients? One client more or less won’t make me lose my job…

As a business owner, this is the first inquiry you should engage in: ”WHY should my staff give better service to my clients? What’s in it for them? I am passionate about my business, but are they?”

Ask the HOW question to yourself:

How can I can give better service to my employees?

Your employees are your number one customer. If you fail to turn them into loyal, happy employees, how could they possibly transmit this positive feeling, enthusiasm and experience to your customers?

So much money is being wasted by pushing knowledge about the HOW into your staff.

Start by pulling knowledge about the WHY (or WHY NOT?) out of your staff first.

  • Show interest in them.
  • Pay attention to their needs.
  • Take them seriously and respond.
  • Create new solutions WITH them (i.e. use their input to train their managers to treat them better).
  • Then reap the benefits.

It’s exactly what you’d do with your customers:

  • What do they (the “market”) need?
  • Adjust your services accordingly and give them what they need.
  • Then reap the benefits.

Ask. Give. Receive.

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