The Curse of Social Media in Customer Service

Social media makes us so connected in quantity and at the same time reduces the quality of our interpersonal connections.

While it’s so easy to pass on information to 1,000s of people in an instant, we’re losing the ability to truly connect on a human level with other people.

As a service provider, this can be your downfall. In this age of abundance, consumers have too much choice of who to buy their products and services from. If all the products are the same and cost the same – where will they go? Where they get the best service. Where they are treated well. Where they get help in a friendly and quick way. Where they feel appreciated for being a customer.

Trying to think of creative ways to “change the customer’s behavior” and prevent them from complaining on twitter, facebook, etc. is futile. That’s trying to change a symptom without treating the cause.

Customers’ opinions on social media are symptoms. They are results, outcomes of experiences they had with your company. They can be good. They can be bad.

If you’re not happy with the symptoms, how about trying to change the cause?

You want customers to talk about you on social media. They can be your strongest sales force, your most powerful marketing allies! …If they talk about you positively. So what would it take for you to have them talk positively about you?

Improve your customer service.

Focus on changing the behavior of your customer service staff. And remember that their behavior is also a symptom: if they do not deliver the outstanding service you expect – why is that? Do they lack knowledge, skills or motivation?

Do they know how to truly connect with your customers on a personal, human level? Do they know how to surprise your customers with genuine customer “care” – something that we don’t get to experience often anymore it these fast times?

Your employees are your most important customers

And most importantly – do they care? Are they interested in giving your customers the best service? Only a happy employee will create a happy customer.

Your employees are your most important customers. Are they happy? Are you showing as much interest in them as you show into your customers? What does it take to motivate and engage them again? How can you be a better service provider to your employees?

Type “customer service” into twitter. You’ll see how the negative “avoid this company”- tweets outnumber the “go to this company, I highly recommend them”-tweets.

What would it take for your company to turn this around?

Turn it into a game! Let your customer service staff be the players!

How can you involve your customer service staff to turn this into a game and set goals to leave their customers so happy, that they’re going to tweet about it to the whole world?

Have positive social media coverage about your company be a result.

Let your outstanding customer service be the cause.

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