Being a lightworker
shouldn’t drain your energy!


I’m here to help you run your business effortlessly,
serve your customers consciously, and
manage your money mindfully.


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Hi :)  Thanks so much for stopping by!


I’m here to help you run your business effortless(erer) ;) and make your customers feel seen and fall even more in love with you.

But truly, . . . I sell relaxation!


  • If your inbox is bursting at the seams, but you have no time to train a VA, call me.
  • If you don’t dare to go on holiday, because, well – Who’s going to take care of your customers and treat them the way you would? Call me.
  • If your heart sinks at the thought of the extra work of managing an assistant and being on top of them; and you secretly wish that it could be the other way round, and that person would check with you, “Where are we on project x? What’s next? Will you do that or will I? When should we review?” Call me.


Making customers happy is my thing.

If your customers are happy, you are happy.

If you are happy, I’m happy.



Let me help you free up time and mindspace so you can continue doing your thing even better (and more of it), relaxed in the knowledge that I’ve got your back!

I’m your Customer Whisperer/Online Business Manager/Good Omen on call

… with all the German cliché values when it comes to accuracy, reliability, responsiveness, PLUS a sense of humor (I’m a paradox on legs…) AND a big heart, AND pretty good antennas to the Universe :)

I’m looking forward to connecting with you,

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“How do I even begin to tell you about how amazing Anja is! Within months of her working for me my business became six-figured, and she helped me found an online school, which within two years only has accepted almost 1000 students and has become world-renowned.

She is not only a marketing and business expert, she is also the BEST customer care person I know.  She is also deeply spiritual, caring and reliable, and I trust her with my life. Seriously.”Belinda Davidson - School of the Modern Mystic

Belinda Davidson, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Mentor & Founder of the School of the Modern Mystic

Pay what you like Receiving Meditation

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Why Conscious Service?

Because the more you make your customers feel loved and appreciated, the more business they will refer to you.
Conscious Service is the most authentic form of marketing. (And the least expensive :))

How can I run my Business Operations effortlessly?

By making small or big tweaks to your workflows; by making your processes more efficient and less time consuming, and maybe by hiring your first assistant. I’ll train them for you!

What is Mindful Money Management?

A pricing structure that makes sense for you and FEELS good.
Payment options that make your customers feel good.
Easy Budget- & Revenue-Planning, so you’ll never risk unpleasant surprises and always set clear intentions.

…and we can add a little magic, if you have trouble “receiving” :)


If you’re curious…Anja May 16 small round

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